Juana de Ibarbourou on our 2000 peso bill.



A Glimpse into a Nation’s Soul

Messages hidden in money……. We usually don’t look at the paper money that passes through our hands in everyday use; it’s just part of life’s background, I guess. Often the pictures on the bills follow a theme of sorts — dead presidents in the U.S., royal personalities in the U.K., architectural scenes in the Euro-zone and so on. Idle musing one day in Uruguay brought my attention to the image on the widely used $1000 peso note (approx. U$S50): a woman named Juana De Ibarbourou. I hadn’t known of any powerful female political personas here, and military stuff seems to be pretty well male dominated; the whole thing was something of a curiosity to say the least.

Juana de Ibarbourou – from her book “Estampas de la Bilbia” [photo now Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

A quick Internet snoop later, a really interesting insight into the nature of Uruguayan culture jumped out. Juana was a famous poet here. In total, there are seven different denominations on the UY paper money, from $20 pesos thru $2000 pesos. The personalities featured on the remaining 6 banknotes include another poet, a sociologist instrumental in founding the national education system, a violinist and composer, an artist, an educator, and a priest and botanist involved in creation of the national university and library systems. Only two of the seven ever held political office; all of them simply were people the society has chosen to celebrate as being worthy of recognition for their individual contributions to the creation of the national community.

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